Our History

Our History

Daultanas come from the sect of Joiya. Joiya is a Rajput clan of Northern India and Pakistan. Joiya are one of the twenty-four undivided Rajput clans or 'Eka'. In ancient chronicles they are described as "Lords of Jangladesh," as a tract which comprehended Hariana, Bhattiana, Bhatner and Nagor. They also held, in common with Dahiya with whom their name is always coupled, the banks of the Indus and Sutlej under their influence.

There are numerous Joiya sects totaling somewhere around 46 in number. Of these the more important are the Bhaderas, Lakhweras, Daultanas, Nihalkas, Ghazi Khananas and Jalwanas, their ancestor having been designated Naik-o-Kar Bhai or the Virtuous Brothers, by Abdullah Jahanian, a Muslim saint. Most of the names of the Joiya sects end with a -ka or -era.

Mian Shaukat Aqueel (Late) Founder and Chairman

As owner of Build Force and one of the pioneers of the construction industry, the late Mian Shaukat Aqueel made certain the idea of Firhill Villas transferred into reality. With it’s aesthetically designed architecture and tasteful detailing, it is a well thought out project where the focus is your comfort.

Mian Shaukat A. Aqueel has been heading a successful construction business named Build Force for the last 38 years. The company was initially started by him as a side business when he was the Chairman of Fit Well Gloves (put) ltd. At the time it was in to constructing industrial sheds and residential houses in Gulberg Lahore.

A few years later the business was well-established as a Construction company in Gulberg Lahore, Cantonment Lahore, and in Faisalabad. The turn-over reached a house a forth night for both turn key and houses for sale.

The company also has to its credit building of Fir Hill Villas Murree (www.firhillvillas.com), Green view Housing society Burewallah, Lahore Medical College, and numerous farm houses in Lahore and Vehari.

In 1994, the company went in to Office buildings in the commercial zone in Defence Society Lahore. After a few years an office block (Business Centre 12 K) was built in the heart of the city on the main boulevard Gulberg Lahore, which not only became the icon of the city, but a bench mark of modern commercial buildings in the country.

In 2006, the company embarked on a new endeavor, the building of Maisonette Luxury Apartments. This series of apartment buildings is planned to be built in Lahore, and Islamabad.

Begum Tahmina Daultana Founder and Chairman

One of the most prominent political figures of Pakistan, Begum Daultana needs little introduction. Before her foray in politics, she came up with the idea of converting part of her inherited estate into luxury serviced apartments where families could come and enjoy their holidays. With her business vision and passion for interiors, she remains to be the driving force behind the project. Starting small, her dream has now grown into a unique establishment with a very loyal and regular clientele.

Mian Imran Aqueel Daultana CEO

With his international education and business experience, Mian Imran Aqueel Daultana has taken forth his parents’ vision and developed it into an establishment that combines tradition with all the modern amenities of our times. Whilst retaining the essence and old-school charm of Firhill Villas, Imran Aqueel Daultana and the team aim towards giving you a service that is upto date and in keeping with current international trends.